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Posted on January 17, 2017

2017 Goals

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With the new year already in full swing, I wanted to write down and share my 2017 goals before January was over already.

Goals for 2017 Family Photos

Goals for 2017 Family Photos

Goals for 2017 Family Photos

Goals for 2017 Family Photos

Goals for 2017 Family Photos

Goals for 2017 Family Photos

Goals for 2017 Family Photos

Goals for 2017 Family Photos

My outfit: dress | faux fur vest (old, similar here) | boot socks | booties (old, similar here)|

Aaron’s outfit: sweater | watch |

Grant’s outfit: shirt | denim | shoes |

Violet’s outfit: sweater | leggings | boots |

Charlotte’s outfit: dress | cardigan | moccasins (old from Etsy/hand-me-downs haha!) |

My family and I had a lot going on last year. Some of it was great, and other parts were not so great. Our sweet little Charlotte joined our family, my husband lost his job, and we moved to Texas just to name a few things. I am looking forward to what 2017 brings (hopefully more stability for my family!) because there are a lot of big milestones coming up this year for the five of us. Aaron and I will be celebrating our ten(!) year wedding anniversary, my baby will turn one, my oldest will start school, we have siblings that we won’t have seen for 18 months coming home from missions in various countries, and I have a significant birthday coming up 😉 I’m excited for all of these amazing things (and much more to come), and so I wanted to make goals in different areas of my life to make this year by far the best one yet. Some of these goals I’m happy to say I’ve been sticking to pretty well so far, and others I have already reached. Here are my 2017 goals:

Take (updated) family pictures. Our main family photo gallery has a large picture of our family in the center, but it was missing Charlotte (and Violet was still a baby in the picture we had up!) so we desperately needed a new and updated picture of all five of us. Thanks to my sister-in-law, we were able to take pictures just as 2017 began, and as you can see they turned out great! Kids grow up so quickly, I’m going to try and be better about taking family photos more often so that we can document their crazy fast transformation over the years.

Get out of debt. In our relationship there is a spender and a saver…can you guess who is who?? Haha! Aaron has been wanting to be better about this for a while now, and we started working towards this goal together at the beginning of 2016, but before we could make much progress Aaron was laid off and paying down our debt was put on hold.  A big reason why I chose the name Style Savvy Sara for my blog is because I really feel that style isn’t based on how expensive your clothes or accessories are.  Style can be achievable at any budget or price point if you are savvy about it. As much as I love fashion and going shopping, I (usually) know better than to go into a lot of debt over it, and if I really want an investment piece I know it’s worth saving up for. Going through that stint of unemployment really internalized for me how important our money management is as well as sticking to a budget. Thankfully our debt size is manageable and we have been diligent about paying it off again since Aaron started working here in Texas. We have already made huge strides towards this goal, and just recently we were able to pay off a few debts in full, including all of my student loans! I’m so proud that we have been able to make this much progress already, and sticking to this goal will greatly benefit myself and my family in the long run.

Take better care of my skin. Being a mom and coming up on a certain age I need to be better about treating my skin well. Always remembering to wash my face at night, cleaning my make up brushes, and finding products that work best for my skin type are top priority for my 2017.

Get into better shape. I know this goal is vague. I know that goals should be more specific and that I should have a goal weight in mind along with a deadline. I know basically everyone makes a fitness goal this time of year. I know that I am struggling to lose the baby weight from my last pregnancy and so I know that some things have to change. I know, I know, I know. I have been finding silly excuses for myself but I want to enjoy 2017 feeling better about myself physically than I have been lately. I’m still getting used to my “mom bod” and because my body has been in and out of pregnancies and nursing babies for the last five years I don’t really know what my new normal is. So my goal is not about a certain number on a scale or a thigh gap, it’s about being healthier and stronger and more confident that my body will keep up with my busy life and kids…and that I will look fierce on my anniversary vacation, haha!

Make time for myself more often. I am so grateful to be married to an amazing and loving husband, and I am lucky to be the mama to my three little loves and stay home with them throughout the day. I try my best to give them my all each and every day. Sometimes I find that when I give so much of myself to them (and to my family, friends, and others) without taking time out for myself, I can get worn out and resentful…and it is not pretty. So another goal of mine is that I’m going to be better about taking time out of each day to do something for myself. Whether it’s something simple like taking a shower (because with little ones that becomes a luxury some days) or something like going out to a blogger event, I know it will be good for myself as will benefit my loved ones as well.

You can read what my goals from past years have been here. What are your goals for 2017? I hope that they are going well for you so far…and if they aren’t don’t worry it’s still January so don’t give up!

xo, Sara

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