Posted on March 11, 2015

{a save vs. splurge compromise}

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Hello again!

I just got back from a trip visiting family, and it was jam packed with family and fun times!  Unfortunately where I thought I would have posts planned and ready while away, snow and ice, sickness, and packing for myself and two kids got in the way.  So here I am again!

A little while ago I found this gorgeous Michael Kors bag at TJMaxx! It was love at first sight…and then my critical eyes found a teeny tiny flaw (so small you barely notice it). I almost didn’t buy it, but after talking with the nice store manager, they gave me a discount along with the amazing TJMaxx price that I couldn’t refuse!  I may seem super picky for even finding something wrong with it, or maybe I am silly to still spend money on something that is flawed (I normally don’t). I like nice things, but our family is sticking to a tight budget (we are hoping to buy a house soon), so for me finding deals and spending my money wisely are essential!  And even with the practically imperceivable imperfection, this bag for the extremely discounted price is worth it to me!

So long story short, don’t be afraid to ask for something.  You’ll never really know what is possible (or how much money you can save!) unless you ask.  

xo, Sara

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