Hi! Welcome to Style Savvy Sara! I’m Sara, a tall blonde with a love of fashion, food, and fun! I was born and raised in Southern California, met and fell in love with my hubby (attorney, church youth leader, board game enthusiast) while going to Brigham Young University in Utah, and now we are living with our two littles in Georgia.  I have been a full-time stay at home mama for almost a year, and in my free time I enjoy baking, blogging, binge-watching Netflix, and shopping (especially if there is a good sale!). I am an ambitious, fun-loving ambivert. I have some OCD and germaphobe tendencies, but that doesn’t mean that my house (or my life!) is always clean and organized like I would hope.

I have been an occasional blogger for quite some time now for my family’s little blog, but I have wanted to create a space for myself that could focus on more than my family’s adventures and updates. Here on Style Savvy Sara I infuse my sense of style in all sorts of things that I’m passionate about from fashion, food, health, decor, to whatever else I’m loving at the moment!  I have big goals and dreams, and I would love to share them with you here on this little digital space of mine.  I hope you stick around and come back for more, and may we all find and enjoy a stylish life!

xo, Sara

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