Posted on January 19, 2015

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Happy Monday (and MLK day)!
So since this is a lifestyle blog, and my life currently consists of two little ones, some of my posts will include them or things relating to them.  This particular post was originally on my family’s blog, but as I am in the process of making that a private blog, I wanted to share this post here as well.  We no longer live in the original home that is featured in these pictures, but I was inspired to share this post because my little daughter is now in the thick of the baby food stages.  So here for my first Motherhood Monday post: a simple and budget friendly way to store baby food.  
Aaron and I love anything related to food.  Cooking, baking, eating, food festivals, you name it.  So of course our humble condo kitchen is full to capacity with food, pots, pans, dishes, and all sorts of contraptions that help process/mix/grill/cook food.  Before Grant was born we had already purchased an extra pantry unit and chest freezer to help store our food and kitchen equipment because all of it wouldn’t fit in our kitchen’s built-in cabinets and freezer.  When Grant started eating baby food, some awesome fellow parent friends of ours gave us a ton of their extra unused baby food…but we could not possibly make any more room for his food in our kitchen.
We don’t have a ton of storage space in our home (if any really), but we make the best use of what we’ve got.  So we resorted to our water heater/storage closet (it’s meant to be part storage closet if the landlords installed carpet in it, right?)…and all we needed was a hanging shoe organizer.
This has been such a space saver!  Our water heater closet isn’t too far from our kitchen, so it’s a quick trip to grab something from it before Grant gets hangry (like mother, like son).  It has really helped us keep Grant’s baby food organized and we can see what we have thanks to the clear pockets (and, knock on wood, if the water heater leaks the food is not on the ground).  I highly recommend using this method of baby food storage if you are a parent with little to no available cabinet/pantry space.  A few of my girlfriends that are also mothers noticed this storage solution when they’ve come over recently and commented on what a great idea it is.  So I felt this idea was deemed worthy to share with others who may be looking for storage solutions 🙂 It’s super easy and budget friendly, and no one will really ever see it unless you show it to them.  
So help another mother out and pass this easy mama life hack along to them 🙂
xo, Sara

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