Beauty Hack Eyelashes {Style Savvy Sara}
Posted on August 4, 2015

{Style Savvy Secrets: Beauty Hacks for your Eyelashes}

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Sharing a few of my favorite beauty hacks for amazing (and natural!) eyelashes…so you don’t have to commit to extensions or apply falsies every day.

My beauty and makeup routines are a little varied day by day, mostly based on how long it takes my kids to finish their breakfast and then come find me and need something 😉 However, I always make sure that I get to my eyelashes.  Having my eyelashes done, whether with extensions or just a quick coat of mascara, instantly brightens my appearance, opens up my eyes, and if it’s the only thing I get to that morning it helps me look overall a little more put together.  Over time I have found some awesome tips and tricks that take my lashes from good to great, and I wanted to share them here with you:

1. Eyelash curler.  This might be a no brainer at this point, but it’s also in how you use it that can make or (literally) break your lashes.  I use this curler and it has lasted me so long and has been worth the investment.  Some times I heat it up (only for a few seconds) with my hair dryer, but I find I don’t need to do that every day if I clamp my eyelashes twice (once with the curler at the base of my lashes, and then the second time I clamp the edges of my lashes with my curler basically parallel to the floor.  If that doesn’t make sense, follow this awesome tutorial).

2. Lavender Essential Oil.  I talked about this way back in my January favorites post, but I’m sharing it again because it is so good!  Just add a drop or two to your favorite mascara and it will help your natural lashes grow stronger and longer.

3. Physician’s Formula Lash Transformation.  If you want longer and thicker eyelashes without having to apply falsies or commit to extensions, look no further!  This eyelash boosting kit comes with eyeliner, mascara, and (the best part) little fibers you apply to your lashes in between coats of mascara that will just wash away when you’re done with them.  I will say that applying the fibers can be a little messy, but as long as you prep for that (and wait to apply your under eye makeup until after), it’s totally worth it.  The mascara that comes in the kit isn’t horrible, but it’s not my favorite.  What I actually do is I pair the fibers with a different mascara that I already use and love and the results are awesome!  Whenever I have done this, my lashes turn out amazing and I always receive compliments on them…even my husband notices, haha!  The mascara I’m currently using (with or without the fibers) is this Maybelline one, but I’ve also used this with the fibers in the past and the results were great as well.

I shared a selfie here so that you see the results I get from these few eyelash tricks.

If you try these tips for yourself (or have any of your own eyelash secrets to share) I would love to hear all about it!

xo, Sara

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