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Friday Favorites: Dry Shampoo Recommendations {Style Savvy Sara}
Posted on June 5, 2015

{friday favorites: dry shampoo}

beauty/ hair

Dry shampoos are miracle hair workers! If you don’t already use one, you are missing out!  Whether you want to know which dry shampoo to try out first or are looking for a new recommendation, I’m sharing all about my current favorite dry shampoos in today’s Friday Favorites!

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Posted on March 27, 2015

{mom life makeup}

beauty/ motherhood
Hello lovelies!
Today I wanted to share a few of my current makeup faves with you.  Since becoming a mom I have come to appreciate little things, like showers, miracle working eye creams, and time to myself.  If I’m trying to get out of the house before nap time and I want to look any kind of put together, I have a short window of time before my kids require a playtime referee or the house goes quiet and I know they’re up to no good. As much as I would like to have more time to do my hair and makeup before I leave the house in the mornings, it just isn’t happening for now.  So I have come to rely on a few key (mostly drugstore!) makeup products to get an everyday look quickly.  So whether you’re a mama like me or a gal on the go, these products are worth checking out and won’t cost you a whole lot to try for yourself.
Also, most of these links are to Ulta, and a lot of the products I shared below are part of a buy one get one half off deal!  I’m not sure how long that promotion lasts, but I thought I’d pass that information along in case you’re on the fence about buying something 🙂
Primer There are a few options with this primer, but I am using the Blur + Smooth version currently.  I notice a difference immediately when I put it on, and my liquid foundation/tinted moisturizer goes over it really smoothly.
Tinted Moisturizer This is not a drugstore product, but for the quality and how long I have had it (a little goes a long way for me), it’s been totally worth it!  During the warmer months I don’t like to wear a ton of face makeup, but this gives my face a little coverage while moisturizing and protecting it.  It makes my face look natural in a even toned, well-rested way.  And who doesn’t want to look like they just woke up like this? (#flawless…??) Anyway…lately I’ve been dealing with some hormonal acne and need a little extra coverage, so once this bottle runs out I will most likely replace it with a BB/CC cream.  This has been wonderful for lightly evening out my skin tone and I would buy it again once my baby/milk making hormones settle down and leave my face alone.
Concealer I learned about this concealer a little while ago from a favorite beauty vlogger I follow, and I use the brightener shade so it has been my multi use tool for concealing and highlighting my eyes.  I have noticed I have to set it with a little bit of powder when I use it under my eyes, but it doesn’t require as much like the fan favorite NYX concealer does (for me), so this helps me hide blemishes/sleep deprivation a little more quickly.  I also use this before applying concealer under my eyes and together they help keep the “you look so tired” comments from strangers/friends/spouse away.
Highlight and Contour Wonder Stick I started to dabble with highlighting and contouring when I realized it could disguise my swelling face as I neared the end of my pregnancy. While I may still need to learn a thing or two, this stick is super helpful for amateurs like myself.  It also makes it possible for me to quickly highlight/contour my face, which before would take me twice as long when using different powders to do the same thing.  I will say that I prefer to use my beauty blender (another favorite!) to blend it in, since I have noticed that it can be easily absorbed/rubbed away when I use just my fingers to blend it in.
Eyeliner I have been using this brand of eyeliner pencil since my high school days.  I buy it and use it so much, I think even my husband knows what eyeliner I use since I’ve asked him to pick it up from the store fairly often (and for a man to know makeup?! Right?!)  I haven’t really felt the need to find another eyeliner for my every day look, because this one just works so well for me.  In a pinch I will use it to fill in my brows too, which helps me save time.  

Mascara This is a recent find for me, and I really like how quickly and effectively it lengthens and thickens my lashes.  I have found that because the brush tapers in size, I can use it for my bottom lashes as well by using the smaller end of the brush. For a long time I was using this mascara and it’s not that it isn’t great anymore, I just wanted to try something new (or at least that’s what I told myself while at Target…) and I’m glad I did.What are your favorite time saving makeup products? If you try these ones out, I hope they work as well for you as they have for me!

Have a fabulous weekend!

xo, Sara

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