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Bringing Home Baby Charlotte
Posted on August 23, 2016

Bringing Home Baby: Introducing Baby to Siblings

family/ kids/ motherhood

Bringing home baby is a big deal for everyone in your family, especially for any other children you may have. First impressions mean a lot, especially to little kids meeting their baby sibling! Over the years (and babies), I’ve tried to make sure that the older sibling(s) has a positive introduction to the baby by using these tips…

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Posted on April 28, 2015

{DIY race car birthday party}

holiday/ kids

I wanted to share a few pictures from my son’s race car birthday party that we threw for him a while ago.  I planned and organized for weeks, and of course the day of the party I left my good camera at home 🙁 🙁 So I apologize now that these are all phone pictures, but the party was a huge hit and I wanted to share a few details.

{homemade piñata with cut up cereal boxes, tissue paper, and glue}

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