Four Generations; Easy and Thoughtful Mother's Day Gift Guide
Posted on May 3, 2016

Easy and Thoughtful Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

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Mother’s Day is almost here, and if you’re still trying to figure out what to get your mom (or that special motherly figure in your life) I have a few easy ideas to help inspire you to get her something that’s thoughtful and meaningful to her!

First (and really quickly): I’m sorry I’ve been a little MIA on blogposts lately. Being super pregnant has kind of sort of killed my productivity (and getting ready for the day) vibes…so yeah. In my mind I feel like I¬†will have more energy to create more content and share more on here post-baby, but I can’t make any promises that it will be consistent right after baby comes. You can find more frequent updates and posts on my social media though (like when this baby bump decides to pop!!), so feel free to follow me on Instagram and Snapchat (both usernames are @stylesavvysara).

Okay, back to what this post is suppose to be about…MOTHER’S DAY! The picture above is of me with my mom, grandma, and my little Violet from over a year ago. Four generations of women, thanks to motherhood ūüėČ

Over the years this day has meant different things for me (as it probably does for most people). From treating my mom and step-mom to homemade cards and¬†gifts, to being on the receiving end and getting special surprises¬†from my hubby and kids, I’ve had a realization that probably everyone else has already had and I’m just stating the obvious (ha!): material things¬†are nice gifts, but something with meaning and thought behind it is so much more special to give (and receive). Don’t get me wrong, it’s always easy for me to find something that I need want to buy for myself (or tell someone else to buy for me, haha!), but the things¬†that I’ve been given from my family that I love and hold close to my heart aren’t usually¬†the most expensive things I own. As a mom myself now, the sentimental gifts have so much more meaning and value to them than any dollar amount.¬†These are usually gifts that required a little extra¬†thought, or were just time spent together/experiences that we have shared that make being a mom so special to me…and probably what would make your mom (or motherly figure in your life) feel loved and that all the hard work and (usually quite literal) labor was¬†worth it. Because motherhood is hard! And as much as I love the Mother’s Day gift guides that have been floating around the internets lately, I just think there should be more of a personal touch to something that you give to your mom to say thanks and that you love her. And by showing her that you turned out pretty great by getting her something thoughtful? That will show her¬†just how awesome she is at this life-changing¬†task¬†called motherhood,¬†and that’s the whole idea behind Mother’s Day.

So here are a few ideas to get the special mom in your life something for Mother’s Day that she will enjoy AND that will show her that you love and appreciate her:

Brunch. This is the adult child version of making your mom breakfast in bed, right?? If you live close to your mom, why not take her out to brunch? Or if you’re the cooking type, invite her over for brunch and do all of the cooking.

Flowers that will live through the week.¬†Planning on buying your mom flowers? Why not get her something that will last longer like a potted plant. Since it’s spring, there are so many pretty flower plants that you can buy almost anywhere nowadays (Walmart! Home Depot! Grocery Store!) and you can go as big or as small as you want based on your mom’s outdoor or indoor¬†space (or lack thereof). If it’s something you think she’d love to have in her yard, great! Go garden with her if that’s her hobby and spend time with her planting. Yes, you might get a little dirty, but that’s what gardening gloves and showers are for. Or if flowers aren’t your mom’s thing, then maybe an at-home herb garden (if she likes to cook) or a cool succulent to help your mom stay on trend ūüėČ

Mani/Pedis or a Spa Day.¬†Whenever my mom comes to visit (or I go to visit her) we always try to go out together for pedicures. It’s our fun little tradition, we have some time to chat, and afterwards we have soft and pretty feet to enjoy. Treat your mom (and yourself if you’re close by) out for some nice relaxation and pampering. If anyone deserves pampering and some time to relax, it’s moms.

Fun group experiences.¬†Find something that you and your mom would like to do together. If you and your mom have different tastes? Let your mom have this one and choose something she would enjoy. Cooking classes, painting party classes, historic tours, farmers’ markets, there is something out there that you and your mom can do together. If I’m looking for a good experience gift, I can usually find some good ideas (and deals) on Groupon.

Make her something!¬†Are you a creative and crafty type? If your mom loved (and kept!) all the stuff you would make and bring home from school for Mother’s Day back in the day, why wouldn’t she love something that you’ve made using the talents and skills that you have now?? If you’re an artist, make¬†something just for her. Whether it’s a painting, jewelry, a poem, a short story, or something that you customize to her, she will most likely¬†cherish it forever…just like some of the macaroni art you used to give her ūüėČ

Do you have any thoughtful gift ideas for Mother’s Day? I’d love to hear what you’ve gotten your mamas! Thanks for reading!

xo, Sara

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