Easy Floral Letter DIY for any floral fun
Posted on May 11, 2015

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I’ve linked up with a bunch of fabulous bloggers today for the #MMLinkup and the theme for May is “Blooming into Spring”! Here on Style Savvy Sara I wanted to share a simple and crafty floral letter DIY tutorial that can be made by anyone and add some floral fun to any occasion!

Floral Letter DIY {stylesavvysara.com}

What you’ll need:

  • Foam poster board (or if you have a cardboard box hanging around like me, use that!)
  • Silk flowers (I found most of mine at Hobby Lobby, and some weeks they run a 50% sale on their floral stems)
  • Pliers (or some sort of cutting device so you can snip those floral blossoms off the really long stems easily)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors (to cut cardboard)
  • Pencil

Start out by sketching out your letter of choice onto the poster/cardboard and then cut it out.

*If you are going to be putting a frame of some kind around your letter like I did as a wall hanging, make sure that you size your letter so that it will fit within your frame or measure your letter once it’s complete and use those measurements to find a frame that will work around your letter size.

Floral Letter DIY {stylesavvysara.com}

Once you have your letter cut out to the size you want, start arranging the flowers on your letter (because I didn’t have a frame yet, I did this before I cut my letter out. This worked out to my advantage because when I found the frame I wanted to use, I discovered my original letter was too big!). I prefer to do this before I start gluing because it gives me an idea of how many flowers I will need and where I want to place them. I also took a picture with my phone as a reference for the arrangement that I wanted (and now it’s here for a tutorial! I love multitasking!), just in case some flowers fell out of place before I could glue them on.

Floral Letter DIY {stylesavvysara.com}

When you have a general idea of how your flower arrangement will be, go ahead and start gluing the flowers onto your letter! I found that as I began gluing my flowers on, I needed more flowers because once glued on, each flower didn’t’ take up as much space as I thought it would. I also wanted my blossoms pretty close together so that the board/base wouldn’t show through.

Floral Letter DIY {stylesavvysara.com}

Let the glue dry, and then your floral flower is finished! Depending on what letter of the alphabet you chose, you can stand it up on a table using a plate stand/easel thing, you can use it as a door wreath, or you can hang it on the wall like I did! To hang it up, you can easily attach picture frame hooks to the back.

If you use this tutorial and create your own floral letter, let me know! I’d love to see your version and letter choice, and what you use it for! And a big thank you to Corbin from The Classy South blog and Laura Leigh from Louella Reese blog for hosting this link up! You can find more “Blooming into Spring” link ups at their sites.

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