JORD Wood Watch Gift Men's Style
Posted on December 20, 2016

JORD Wood Watch: Giving the Gift of Time

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Thanks to JORD Wood Watches, I surprised my watch collecting husband with a cool and unique watch to celebrate his new job!

JORD Wood Watch Gift Men's Style

JORD Wood Watch Gift Men's Style

JORD Wood Watch Gift Men's Style

JORD Wood Watch Gift Men's Style
JORD Wood Watch Gift Men's Style

watch: JORD Wood Watches (Fieldcrest Series), c/o

Typically here on Style Savvy Sara I’m sharing my personal style, however it’s always fun to give and share style with others, especially this time of year! So today I’m super excited to feature my wonderful husband, Aaron! He is the one behind the camera almost all the time here (#instagramhusband), but he is the perfect person to showcase this gorgeous wood watch from JORD.
Aaron may not appreciate style and fashion quite as much as I do, but he still seems to be pretty picky about what he wears…anyone else’s significant other like that?! One thing he does enjoy “accessorizing” with is watches. As a present for our engagement I gave him a new watch and when he graduated from his undergrad and law school I gave him new watches. He has bought other watches for himself, but I love that for special moments in our lives together I can give him something I know he will wear and love.
As you may know Aaron went through a stint of unemployment. It was tough on our family, but I know it was especially stressful and frustrating for him. So when he received and accepted a job offer, I knew I wanted to get him something to mark our triumph over the trials. This JORD wood watch stood out to me as the perfect gift for him because a wood watch is so unique and this one he could wear it anywhere, from his job as an attorney to our little Grant’s soccer practices.
I could go on about how much I like it as a great gift idea, but Aaron offered (without me asking!) to share his own thoughts on his new JORD Wood Watch, so I will now turn this post over to him!

I love receiving watches as gifts, especially when it is for a special occasion or carries with it some kind of sentimental value. I still have the pocket watch my parents gave me when I graduated from high school, I treasure the watch my wife gave me as an engagement present, and I frequently rely on the watch that I received as a graduation present from law school. Recently my life has been a bit of a roller coaster, so when I started a new job in Texas, uprooting my family and making a career shift it was incredibly generous of my wife to give me a new watch. At first when she told me that it would be a wood watch, I was skeptical. But the design looks very elegant and it feels comfortable wearing it both around the office and at home. The weight threw me somewhat initially as it is quite a bit lighter than the watches that I am used to wearing, but now I see it as just a nice change from what I normally wear. While I appreciate the wood watch a great deal for the gift that it is, there is another reason that I really like this watch. My grandfather is an avid wood worker, and for years now he has sent me and my family homemade pens, wooden chests, and classical wooden toys. Even though we still live far apart from one another, wearing a wood watch helps me feel connected to my grandfather.  Wearing it I feel simultaneously rugged and refined, a refreshing feeling for someone who enjoys his job as an attorney while simultaneously remembering where he has come from.

JORD makes wood watches for both men AND women, and a wood watch would be a wonderful gift to give someone for the holidays or for any other special occasion. And right now for all Style Savvy Sara readers they are giving out $25 e-gift cards here at this link until 12/21 at 11:59 PM (while supplies last)! The e-gift card is good till 2/28/2017, so if you don’t use it for that special someone on Christmas (or for yourself), it would be perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Thanks to JORD Wood Watches again for sponsoring this post!

xo, Sara (and Aaron!)

Wooden Wristwatch

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