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Posted on March 9, 2016

The Real Deal vs. A Total Steal

fashion/ splurge vs. save

Sharing some shopping inspiration and their lookalikes that are (way!) more budget friendly.

military vest: splurge or save | straw hat: splurge or save | lace up flats: splurge or save | sunglasses: splurge or save | red shoulder bag: splurge or save (and save here too) | round black sunglasses: splurge or save | black shoulder bag: splurge or save |

I always love a good shopping haul, but sometimes (or more accurately a lot of times) my budget doesn’t allow me to “invest” in pieces with a higher price tag. I am a big advocate for putting your money towards quality over quantity, but sometimes money’s tight. Times were tough when my husband was unemployed for a year and I was barely making enough at my desk job for us to get by, but I made the most of every dollar I was able to spend on myself. Even though I may not have been able to afford much, I got really good at finding budget friendly dupes of higher end pieces that I loved. So no matter what circumstance your budget might be in or whether you just rather save money on what you wear, I totally understand.

I actually own a few of the save items that I’ve featured here and, although I can’t attest to how they compare to their matching splurge version, I will say that I’ve been really happy and impressed with my budget friendly lookalike. You can see how I’ve styled a few of them here, here, and here.

Happy shopping!

xo, Sara

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