Posted on January 2, 2015

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Happy New Year!  This New Year’s Eve was a little more exciting for me than in recent years because my hubby and I found a babysitter that was willing to stay late so that we could stay out late!  We were invited to a few gatherings with friends, but we ended up having to chaperone a youth dance for my hubby’s church calling.  It ended up being more fun than I thought it would be, and I definitely didn’t let it get me down in terms of getting dolled up. 
I’ve been experimenting with braids a lot lately, and I tried out this small side fishtail braid with curls for the night.  I got a lot of compliments, and it wasn’t very difficult to do.  I wish I had my hubs take a picture of my whole outfit as well, but I may recreate it and post about it later because it was such a simple but fun party look.  It only required a few key basics that I already had in my closet!  
I’ve been thinking about what resolutions I want to make this year (along with everybody else, tis the season!).  I feel like I always start out with real lofty goals for the year and then putter out as time goes on, so I want to make some SMART resolutions (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound).  My hope is that by sharing my resolutions here, I can be held accountable for them and if you have similar goals we can share tips and/or advice on how to reach and keep them!  So, here are a few that I have set for myself:
Beauty: I would like to learn and use new braids and hairstyles.  As a mama I get stuck in a top knot rut most of the time, but the few braids I’ve learned I’ve really liked, so I hope to learn more and share with y’all what has worked (and hasn’t) for my hair.  I rarely have time to get ready first thing in the mornings anymore with two babies, but I’m hoping a nap time here and there or the weekends will allow me to try something new.  
Personal: I want to accomplish more reading than just magazines 🙂 I’m hoping I can read a book a month, but more realistically maybe a book every other month.  
Home: I want to actually cook some of the dishes that I’ve pinned on Pinterest!  So I’m hoping that once a week I can cook something new for dinner.  
What are some resolutions that you have had?  If you have any tips on sticking with resolutions (or with how I can stick to mine haha!) I would love to hear them!  Thanks for reading!
xo, Sara

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