Posted on March 12, 2015

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Happy Thursday!
In less than a week, my little boy will be turning three, and it boggles my mind that I have a three year old!  I’m crazy deep in planning his upcoming birthday party, and in honor of throwback Thursday, I wanted to share a few memories of Grant’s birthday party from last year.
Growing up, my mom would put together Pinterest-worthy birthday parties for my brother and I (obviously before Pinterest ever existed), so since I was little I have wanted to do the same for my kids.  It might seem crazy, but I love planning, organizing, and throwing parties.  A lot of my favorite memories and best friendships have been from (or grown stronger because of) throwing a get-together, and adding a theme and decorations gives me a creative outlet and just takes things up a notch of awesome in my book! And now that I have kids, seeing the joy and excitement in their faces when they go to parties (or have their own) and play with their friends makes the effort (and sometimes late nights and stress) totally worth it.  
I have a Pinterest board just for party ideas here, and even a few separate party theme specific boards (including one just of Sesame Street ideas and inspiration, in case you have a little one requesting Sesame Street!)
This year we are throwing little G-man a race car themed party, so I’ll be sharing that soon!
xo, Sara

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