Posted on March 25, 2015

{spring ombre}


shirt: old, similar here
jeans: Levi’s 
wedges: old, similar here
handbag: Michael Kors
Is it only Wednesday?!
I’m in serious need of another weekend already.  I feel like I’m still recovering from the craziness that was my son’s birthday party from the previous weekend (posting about that soon!), and these last few days I’ve been dealing with sick kiddos again.  But, on the bright side, it’s literally brighter outside nowadays!   And it’s been sandal weather!
I love this green ombre top.  Lately I’ve been wearing a lot of pink, so this was a nice change of color.  And with that change I stashed my skinny jeans for my boot cuts.  Flared denim is coming back into style this spring, but being wary of falling victim to fleeting fashion trends, I’m compromising and utilizing what I already own.  I also have started using this purse now that it truly feels like spring, and I’m so glad I invested in a classic neutral handbag.  As much as I am drawn to bright and colorful accessories, the styling possibilities with this bag are endless.
Thanks for reading!
xo, Sara

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