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black bean corn avocado salsa recipe
Posted on May 4, 2015

{black bean and corn salsa}


This easy but amazing black bean and corn salsa with avocado is one of my favorites to make, especially in the warmer months with all of the fresh produce in season.  I typically make and serve it with chips, but it also adds a light yet flavorful punch to tacos, tamales, or any Mexican dish you may be cooking up tomorrow for Cinco de Mayo.  It’s vibrant, full of healthy antioxidants, and it’s always a huge hit at my house.  

Black Bean and Corn Salsa with Avocado #cincodemayo

I found this recipe from on Pinterest a while ago, and I am so glad I tried it out!  I hardly feel guilty for eating large quantities of it since it’s such a healthy and filling snack or side. My family (kids included!) and I gobble up this salsa almost as quickly as I can make it.  I have found many recipes for this that don’t call for avocado…but 1. Being a California native, I’ve known for quite some time that avocados are awesome and 2. I feel like avocados are really having a food moment right now, right? (#avocadotoast).  So of course my version has avocados in it…and yours should too!

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Posted on January 5, 2015

just juice it

food/ recipes
Happy Monday!
It’s the first Monday of the New Year…have you stuck with your resolutions so far?  I hope so!  I have been wanting to pull out our juicer for a while now, so I figured it would be a great time to share some of my favorite juice recipes!

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