Posted on February 2, 2015

{valentine’s day wish list}

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Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Her
clutch  |  link bracelet  |  back-up charger  |  watch  |  sunglasses
  pearl arm cuff  |  candle  |  stud earrings
Happy Monday!

Now that it is February, I have a few Valentine’s Day inspired posts that I wanted to share because I love love!  I may be a hopeless romantic at times, but I also love holidays so of course we celebrate Valentine’s in our home 🙂

Every time around the gift-giving holidays, my sweet husband asks me what I want and usually I have no ideas to give him!  So I took some time to find a few things that I would love to be “surprised with” this Valentine’s (or anytime really), even if I know some aren’t going to be mine any time soon…I’m talking to you, gorgeous YSL clutch! And maybe there is something on here you’d be excited to receive as well or give to someone you love.  
xo, Sara

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