white chocolate raspberry pretzel jello recipe
Posted on August 28, 2015

{white chocolate raspberry pretzel jello recipe}

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I have come to love raspberry pretzel jello, but recently I experimented with my recipe by adding some white chocolate and the results are deliciously amazing!

white chocolate raspberry pretzel jello

Growing up my mom always tried to get me to try this raspberry pretzel jello, and I would always refuse…I would usually (and probably still haha!) prefer the desserts with chocolate over jello 😉 Now that I’m old enough to appreciate more than just chocolatey treats, I’ve given this recipe a go and I realize I’ve been missing out.  This jello pretty much has it all, and with all of the different components combined it is one sweet, savory, tangy, smooth, AND crunchy treat.  Still, I couldn’t resist adding my own little twist to it…so of course I incorporated chocolate!  And the hardest part about making this is waiting for it to cool and set so I can try some.

white chocolate raspberry pretzel jello recipe

white chocolate raspberry pretzel jello recipe

white chocolate raspberry pretzel jello 3

white chocolate raspberry pretzel jello recipe

white chocolate raspberry pretzel jello recipe

white chocolate raspberry pretzel jello recipe

What you need

white chocolate raspberry pretzel jello recipe2 cups crushed pretzels (2 cups after you’ve crushed them)

3/4 cup melted butter

3 tablespoons white sugar

1/2 cup white chocolate chips (I use white chocolate melting wafers and they work well)

One 8 oz. package of cream cheese, room temperature

1 cup white sugar

One 8 oz. container of frozen whipped topping (e.g. Cool Whip)

1 cup white chocolate chips, melted (I put them into a glass measuring cup and then microwave for 30 seconds, stir, and then repeat that until they are all melted)

2 cups water

One 6 oz package of raspberry flavored jello

2 packages of frozen raspberries


{ONE}  Preheat oven to 400 degrees F

{TWO} Stir together crushed pretzels, three tablespoons of white sugar, and the melted butter.  Mix well and press firmly into a 9×13 inch baking dish (preferably glass so you can see the layers).  You can crush the pretzels as much as you want.  I’ve tried the sealed plastic bag and rolling pin method, but I always somehow create punctured holes in the bag and then it leaks crumbs everywhere…so now I just use my food processor and it crushes them super fine which I like.  

{THREE} Put dish into oven and bake for 8 to 10 minutes, or until the pretzel crust has set.

{FOUR} When you remove the crust from the oven, set aside to cool and immediately sprinkle a half cup of white chocolate chips/wafers over the top of the crust.  You don’t need to cover the crust, because once they have started to melt spread them with a knife or spatula to make a thin layer of white chocolate goodness.  

{FIVE} While your crust is cooling, put your two cups of water into a large pot and onto the stove and bring to a boil.

{SIX} While the crust and white chocolate cools and sets (and instead of literally just waiting for water to boil), cream together the cream cheese and sugar in a large mixing bowl.  Fold in whipped topping and the one cup melted white chocolate.

{SEVEN} Make sure the pretzel crust and white chocolate topping are COMPLETELY COOL (set it in the fridge for a few minutes if you are impatient like I am) and then spread the cream cheese mixture on top to completely cover the top and seal the edges…you don’t want the top jello layer to leak through the cream cheese layer or you’ll end up with soggy pretzels 🙁

{EIGHT} Hopefully your water is boiling by now, so dissolve the jello into it.  Stir in frozen raspberries and allow to set briefly in the pot.  You MUST allow the raspberry jello to cool/set to an egg white-like consistency BEFORE you spread it onto your cream cheese layer…otherwise you’ll heat through the cream cheese and end up with soggy pretzels…again 🙁

{NINE} Once the raspberry jello has cooled to an egg white-like consistency, spread it over the cream cheese layer, and refrigerate until set.

I hope y’all try this version of raspberry pretzel jello and like it as much as my family and I do!

xo, Sara

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